Christmas Came Early!

I wrote and recieved a grant titled "Raising the Math Standards" from the Bradley/Cleveland Public Education Foundation in the amount of $500. It was like an early Christmas opening up those boxes of new math materials with 23 excited kindergarteners and 1 excited teacher. Thank you BCPEF for making learning so much fun!

Migrating Geese

We learned that some animals get ready for the winter by migrating. Whales, locust, Monach Butterflies, and geese are some of the animals that migrate. Here we are pretending to be Canadian Geese flying from the north to the south in a V formation. When we reached the south, we found fish to eat (goldfish)!

We Love Our New Interactive Boards!

We are so excited about our new Promethean Boards. This new technology will change the way students learn forever! Anything that can be done on the computer can now be done on our board. It is interactive so it gets the kids up and moving and actively involved in the learning process. The possiblities are endless with this new technology purchased with education stimulas funds.