The Crazy Days of Kindergarten!

This school year is flying by too quickly! We are down to only 50 school days and I am not quite ready to let this darling group go to first grade! They are so sweet and a lot of fun to teach.  This has been the first year that we have ventured away from teaching from our reading series basal and I must say that I haven't enjoyed teaching this much in a long time. It has definately been a lot of work coming up with our lessons and activities to make sure that we are adequately covering all of the Common Core Standards but I truly believe my students have learned more this year than ever before.  I have amazing coworkers that have made this venture so worth the time and effort that we have put into it.  With that being said...who has time for a blog?!?! Not me! 

 This week has been super crazy with a magic show from our local pedicatric dentist, Kindergarten Open House for upcoming kindergarteners, and then Dr. Seuss celebrations! We have been working on scrambled sentences for several weeks so the kids really enjoyed working on these sentences about The Cat in the Hat this week. Click on the picture below to check out the Scrambled Sentences flipchart.

I show the scrambled sentence on the ActivBoard and the kids write it correctly, illustrate it, and the we check it together. If the sentence is a question, the little darlings have to compose their own complete sentence to answer the question. Here are some examples of what they came up with today. Love their cats in hats and Sam I Am! Unfortunately, I cannot get the pictures to rotate and I am just too exhausted to fight it any more so I am off to bed and will work on it tomorrow night:)




Goody, Goody Gumballs!

The TPT Super Bowl Sale is going great so to celebrate I created this quick freebie to practice composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 into ten and some ones. Click on the picture below to grab it!
I am so excited about starting our Post Office unit this week! All of the hard work of learning letter sounds, sight words, using correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing between words will finally be evident when my students write one another letters and "mail" them in our classroom post office. They absolutely love getting mail from their friends that they are able to read all by themselves. Check out the new Post Office and Mail packet by clicking on the picture below!

Have an amazing week!