Calling All Sports Fans!

I need your help! Our AR theme this year will be Team Sports. Umm...I'm not so much of a sports person so I am at a loss. The problem is- I like "cutesy."  How in the world do you make a sports theme cutesy? I need some ideas for a sports themed bulletin board. So what ideas do you have? I'll take any suggestions you have! I have already searched google images and didn't find anything that grabbed my attention. On my way to check out Pinterest now!

Blog Voting

Don't forget voting begins today!
My blog will be listed somewhere near the bottom.
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Awards Emblem

Oh my, mercy! Look what I got! OK, to be honest I ignored the first email telling me that I had been nominated. Have you seen the great teaching blogs that are out there!?!? There are some amazing blogs & the wonderful ideas I have found on them have truly transformed the way I teach & run my classroom. How dare I compete against these amazing blogs?!? And yes, I am ashamed of how I have neglected my poor little blog lately. These graduate classes will be over in just 6 more weeks....(Praise the Lord!) and then I'll take tender, loving care of my blog once again!

So when I got the 2nd email, I figured it is time to throw myself out there with the BIG dogs of kindergarten blogs! There is a $100 restaurant gift card to be given away after all! Have I told you that I love to eat out AND dislike cooking? Its not so much the cooking as it is the lack of time and then the picky eaters I gave birth to snarl their noses up to my Crockpot surprise dinners! I have much better things to do with my limited time!

I would love it if you stick around because voting will run June 25 through July 2! Enjoy your summer!

More Block Centers...

Ahhh, I love tricking the kids into learning through play! I am always looking for new ideas to incorporate into my "play" centers to make them more math or literacy based. I recently updated my FREE Block Center ideas and spruced them up a bit and added colorful pages that are ready to laminate and use. If you have already downloaded them simply go back to TPT and download them again. I am almost finished working on my Home Living/Housekeeping Centers packet too & hope to get it up soon.

What about you? Do you still have "play" centers in your classroom? What are some things you do to make them more math or literacy based? Do you have any ideas that I can beg, borrow, or steal?