Ready or Not...Christmas is Coming!

I can't believe that Christmas time is almost here! I love the time between Halloween and Christmas but it seems the time goes by way too quickly! I have been busy working on my graduate classwork and when I'm not doing that I am working on putting more items on It has been fun and exciting to create new things for other teachers and make a little money on the side....and I mean a little money! Here are just a few things I have recently posted...



Dr. Jean Fever!

My coworkers and I had an opportunity to go to the Tennessee Kindergarten Conference in Nashville this week. How exciting it was to meet and talk with Dr. Jean and come away with so many new ideas! It got me excited about teaching again and gave me that boost I needed to get out of my "rut". Now I have many new ideas swimming around in my head and can't wait to create them! Hope to work on them over Thanksgiving break...stay tuned!