Hoppy Number Lines

We have been working on addition & subtraction and working towards being able to do it fluently thanks to Common Core Curriculum. Not an easy task for kindergarteners! If you are fortunate enough to have an ActivBoard then check out my free Bunny Hop flipchart for using number lines by teaching students to "hop" forward and/or backwards on the number line. Of course I needed something hands-on for my kiddos so I made these cute printable versions of the number lines and a matching addition & subtraction worksheet for each. Get them for only $1.50!



If you have any fun, hands-on activites for addition & subtraction please share! Pretty please!!! I did find a cute idea that I can't wait to try! Students will go "Bowling" using empty water or soda bottles. Students take turns bowling and writing the subtraction equation.

9 pins, 4 hit: 9 - 4 = 5
Give each bowler 2 turns.
So the second turn would be
5 pins, 2 hit: 5 - 2 = 3

or you could reverse the system and have them add to find the total pins toppled in two tries.

This will be great since we have an end of year reward trip to go bowling! Love it!

I also made a Summer themed Addition and Subtraction flipchart for ActivBoard because it looks like we will be working on this for a while longer!



Be Blessed & Enjoy Your Weekend!

Number Word Buzz Freebie

Buzz right on over to my TPT store and snag up this quick number word freeibe! Don't forget to "pin" it on Pinterest and/or Google +1 it to help me get more traffic to my store:)


While you are there, check out the new Growing in a Spring Kinder-Garden learning center games packet and ActivBoard users will want to check out the April 2012 Calendar for ActivBoard and Easter Punctuation Games and Free Bunny Hop Addition and Subtaction with a Number Line!
I'm a member of a great group of relatively new bloggers who decided to come together for a great giveaway. But giveaways are more fun if they have a little twist. So, we've also made this one a blog hop. Each blogger will be running the same giveaway on their blog. So after you enter here, head on over to each of the other blogs and comment to enter there as well!

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4. Ms. McDonald’s Fourth Grade: Decimal War, which practices decimals from tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and mixed decimals.
5. Young and Lively Kindergarten: Growing in a Spring Kinder-Garden Learning Center Games, which practice beginning sounds, color words, rhyming, number words 0-14, counting 1-20, real/nonsense words, reading CVC words,punctuation, & Time to the Hour.
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It's a Party!!!

Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyles is putting together a linky party for kinders- 2nd grade and putting lots of blogs together in one place! Click on the picture below to head on over there. Sign your blog up and/or search some of the blogs there to find some fresh, new ideas!

Woo Hoo! I got an award from Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter! I love how bloggers are so
sweet to one another & love how networking helps increase followers and collaborating!


Here are the rules for this award:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you ~ Lori at http://teachingwithloveandlaughter.blogspot.com/

2. Pass the award on to 5 other Lovely bloggers ~ This was fun to do. I just started following these great blogs. Many of them are still fairly new at blogging like me. I even visited some of their teacher stores and pinned lots of great activities.

1.   Monica at The Schroeder Page   Check out her Leprechaun Door idea! I can't wait to do this with my class! I even found a paper punch of tiny footprints & punched out tiny green footprints to leave scattered around the door as more evidence AN D I found a tiny dollhouse hammer (for working on shoes) to leave out on the second day for more evidence in solving our mystery.

Here are some newer bloggers...

2. Angela at The Daily Alphabet
4. Robin at Little Blogfish 
5. Tonya Dye at Super Second Graders

3. Follow the person who sent it to you! Following you now Lori

Thanks again!

The Leprechauns are Coming!

Ahhh....finally made it to another weekend at last! I'm counting down the days to spring break (10 school days) and working my tail off to get caught up on my homework. Can someone remind me why I thought going back for my master's degree would be a good idea? It is so time consuming! Well, enough whining but thanks for letting me get that out!

This should be a fun week as we get ready for St. Patrick's Day. We are NEVER at school on St. Patty's day...we are usually on spring break but this year it falls on a Saturday. We will fingerpaint shamrocks with blue & yellow to make them green, go outside to find a patch of clover and search for a four leaf clover, & the mischeivous leprechauns like to play tricks on us and we will do our best to get a hold of some of his gold! On Friday, he will leave us clues to finding his gold & we just happen to get a hold of some of his gold! I LOVE the kinds of gold he leaves for us (Rolo's, minature Reese's, Hershery's Treasures and/or chocolate nuggests, Twix, butterscotch, etc) They all look so yummy in his pot of "gold". I actually found some gold chocolate coins on clearance at Walmart last week that will get the kiddos so excited! I also found some tiny leprechaun hats at the Dollar Tree this afternoon! I'm sure the leprechaun will leave it behind as evidence of his presence!  I will post my leprechaun clues that he leaves for us to find the gold a little later in the weekend. I have seen several bloggers that say they have students make Leprechaun traps to set up to catch him. That might be a fun project to make during rainy day recess next week!  I never have much for St. Patrick's Day so I created a flip chart for my ActivBoard to use all week. It includes some basic facts about St.Patrick's day and some fun games to play & review skills.



What about you? How does your class celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Weekend Freebies

Well this weekend didn't go as planned. It was supposed to start out with a kid- free night out with my husband and then lots of homework while the kids were gone to a sleepover. However, my family spent all Friday afternoon and night in my parents' basement while several tornados ripped through my town. Praising God for His hand of protection...no deaths but many damaged homes but they can be repaired and/or replaced.

So since I have so much work to catch up on I just added a few freebies to TPT that you might want to check out. Click on the pictures below to go get them!

These booklets can be used to help students write their letters/numbers quickly & correctly. Just make 1 copy of page 1 and several copies of page 2. Cut in half & staple together to make each child a booklet. Next, set a timer for 3 minutes & have students see how many they can write CORRECTLY in the given time. If they write any backward letters or numbers they have to erase it and correct it. After a few times of erasing, they decided to slow down and do it correctly the first time. We repeat with 2 minutes and then 1 minute. I have been impressed with how much their letter/number formation has improved since I started doing this!

It looks like the link on my TPT store isn't working...hmmm. When I click on it, it just goes right back to the main page. I'll look into it and see what is going on. Sorry for the inconvenience! Here is the direct link anyway...I'll keep working on it!

This is a simple (and short) fliphcart for Promethean board to practice distinguishing between story elements of characters & settings.

Shout Out to My "Secret" Group!

I have been selling things on Teachers Pay Teachers since mid October and thanks to Pinterest my sales and followers have continued to grow significantly. Then I was lucky enough to find a Facebook group called Pinning to Pin for Bloggers and my sales have exploded! This facebook page is a place to pin your things (blog  posts, Teachers Pay Teachers items, Teacher Notebook items, etc) and in exchange you pin other group member's things on Pinterest.  This will increase traffic to your TPT store or blog and it is so exciting to see how many emails you will get saying your pins have been repinned many times over.  Just thought I would share for any other bloggers out there that might be interested in joining us!