And now on to February stuff!!!

Teen Numbers can be a bore to teacher so use this flipchart to make it fun & entertaining! The kids will beg to play again and again!



Teen Numbers Are So Cool!

I do my best teaching in January and February. It seems that I've had a nice long break to rejuvinate me and we have ML King holiday and Presidents day. With a lot of 4 day weeks I feel a bit of panic to get everything taught just in case we are blessed with any snow days!  I guess that is why I have been working on so many flipcharts! Anytime we have "down" time in my classroom (NEVER!) I can pull up a flipchart and the students play the quiet game and when they get picked it is their turn to answer a question on the board. This works great in the event of vomit and/or sick kid, parent  or teacher dropping in, principal needing paper work right away or while I count picture, fundraiser, field trip money, etc.Thats why I am attempting to make them mostly self checking. Here is teen number one that I can't wait to use & share with my coworkers when we get back to school!

Whew! 3-D Shapes flipchart is finally finished!

I have been working on this flipchart for Promethean Board for a very long time! I've been learning to add more features such as magic ink, reward sounds, hidden objects and self checking containers. This one is 24 packed full pages of interactive, fun, and entertaining actitities to teach youngsters about 3-D shapes. Can't wait to use it when we get back to school!

Working my Christmas Break Away!

I have enjoyed being at home for the holidays so much but I have been working too hard on school stuff! I am trying to finish up several "works in progress" projects but have spent many hours going back and revising my "old" stuff. To those precious ones that bought some of my first Promethean Board flipcharts...(bless you!) will need to check your Teachers Pay Teachers inbox for updates & revisions. I have learned so much since I got started and have gone back to add reward sounds for correct/incorrect answers and made many of the activities more self checking (perfect for use in as an independent learning center). If you know of Promethean Board users please ask them to consider looking at my products. If you would like to see a particular skill available please let me know & I'll get to it as soon as possible!



Isn't this the Coolest Thing Ever?!?!

My sister got me this very cool attachment for my iphone! It plugs right in and I can slip my ipod in my pocket & use the handset! Love it because I often hang up on my friends when I try to balance my phone on my shoulder to free up my hands. Talk about crazy looks while driving down the road & talking on this thing!

Happy New Year!

Well another successful Christmas is over (all except putting up the decorations) and it is time for another new year. I have enjoyed spending some much needed time at home and with family over the Christmas break. My favorite things are fuzzy pajamas, Christmas movies, and a good book. My Nook Color and I have had time to reconnect while I am enjoying the break from my Graduate classes & all the work that comes with it. I have also added lots more items to my teachers pay teachers store and revising lots of my old things to make them better. I absolutely LOVE creating new things but time passes too quickly while I work. Here are a few of my new things...



Santa's Reindeer Applicants

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?
We made this cute reindeer project from the Dec/Jan 2011 Mailbox magazine & turned it into a booklet. We then had the students write why Santa should choose them to guide his sleigh on a paper that said Pick Me Because. Their answers were so cute..."I'm not a weakling, I have strong muscles, I can fly high, My ears are fluffy, I fly fast as lightening, I can see in the dark, etc"

Cute, last minute Christmas idea!

I found & adapted this cute idea from the Title 1 Schools conference from last week. We used Q-tips & Tempra paint to add the "decorations". The kids had to read the color & number words to decorate their trees. They were quieter than they have ever been!!!

Shame, shame!

I am ashamed of my neglected blog once again! December has flown by & I have almost missed it! What a busy month it has been! I guess I should start with explaining the skunk clip art...we were unfortunate enough to have a skunk get into our garage & it sprayed when my husband came into the garage! What a big ordeal! The entire house smelled for days and  I had to spend days cleaning and washing EVERYTHING! For the most part the smell has finally gone but every once in a while I still get a sniff of the lingering odor...ugh! Just call me Smelly Kelly!

I spent a weekend taking a TSSAA coaching class for my Master's classes...Yep, assuming I pass the test, I am now a certified coach! Hilarious if you know me at all...not athletic & have the knees of a 90 year old! But it was a quick & easy way to get an elective course in.  Then I spent last week in Gatlinburg at a Title 1 Schools Conference & learned lots.  Once I got home, my poor puppy got attacked by another dog so we have been nursing him back to health for the last several days. Moving my son back home from college for Christmas break & still haven't started my Christmas shopping...when will it all slow down?!?!
Be on the lookout for new items on TeachersPayTeachers in the next couple of weeks! I have lots of great ideas & new clip art but just need the time to get them done! Stay tuned...

Some of My Latest Christmas Additions to Teachers Pay Teachers