I am so excited about launching our new Knot Dreaming Boutique shop on Facebook! Be sure to go LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE our page to be updated when we go live and begin posting great clothes at even greater prices later this week!

As the youngest of 3 girls, triplet cousins, and several other older cousins, friends, and neighbors, I was the recipient of many, many hand-me downs. Getting new clothes was just a dream for me. Now before you start to feel sorry for me... it was not because my parents could not afford new clothes for me. There was such an abundance of clothes from all of the girls in my life that it just wasn't necessary to buy more.

Now here comes the sad part...

...back then (late 70's, early 80's), having your name ironed onto the back of your shirts was "the style."  Remember those hand-me downs? Yep, they often had names on them and you guessed it, I still wore them! It was always awkward when someone asked "why does your shirt say Angie on it?" Being the clever and prideful child that I was, my answer was that it was my nickname. And so was Amy, and Pam, and Tiffy, and Jennifer, and Rhonda, etc. I do remember my momma sewing me a new dress for Easter one year and being so tickled that I was the first person to ever wear it but everything else was secondhand. Having a large variety of clothes to choose from actually spoiled me rotten. As I got older and hand me downs were no longer available I realized how much clothes actually cost!

Now that I am a grown woman and finally have at least one of my three children out of college, I am able to budget a little more money on clothes for myself and it has become quite the obsession. I am certainly not a "diva" or consider myself a fashionable person but I do love me some ruffles, lace, sparkly things and some bling, bling!  To help fund my new obsession, I decided to follow in my sister's footsteps and start my own boutique store where I can find adorable clothes at discounted prices and then pass the savings on to others. Naturally, I will soon be offering lots of "teacher friendly" outfits so stay tuned!

Click on the images below to go to our new page!

Coming soon....
I hope to come back soon to tell the story of where
the name Knot Dreaming came from. It was a "God thing!"


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