Shame, shame!

I am ashamed of my neglected blog once again! December has flown by & I have almost missed it! What a busy month it has been! I guess I should start with explaining the skunk clip art...we were unfortunate enough to have a skunk get into our garage & it sprayed when my husband came into the garage! What a big ordeal! The entire house smelled for days and  I had to spend days cleaning and washing EVERYTHING! For the most part the smell has finally gone but every once in a while I still get a sniff of the lingering odor...ugh! Just call me Smelly Kelly!

I spent a weekend taking a TSSAA coaching class for my Master's classes...Yep, assuming I pass the test, I am now a certified coach! Hilarious if you know me at all...not athletic & have the knees of a 90 year old! But it was a quick & easy way to get an elective course in.  Then I spent last week in Gatlinburg at a Title 1 Schools Conference & learned lots.  Once I got home, my poor puppy got attacked by another dog so we have been nursing him back to health for the last several days. Moving my son back home from college for Christmas break & still haven't started my Christmas shopping...when will it all slow down?!?!
Be on the lookout for new items on TeachersPayTeachers in the next couple of weeks! I have lots of great ideas & new clip art but just need the time to get them done! Stay tuned...