Teen Numbers Are So Cool!

I do my best teaching in January and February. It seems that I've had a nice long break to rejuvinate me and we have ML King holiday and Presidents day. With a lot of 4 day weeks I feel a bit of panic to get everything taught just in case we are blessed with any snow days!  I guess that is why I have been working on so many flipcharts! Anytime we have "down" time in my classroom (NEVER!) I can pull up a flipchart and the students play the quiet game and when they get picked it is their turn to answer a question on the board. This works great in the event of vomit and/or sick kid, parent  or teacher dropping in, principal needing paper work right away or while I count picture, fundraiser, field trip money, etc.Thats why I am attempting to make them mostly self checking. Here is teen number one that I can't wait to use & share with my coworkers when we get back to school!