100th Day of School ALREADY?!?!

I'm not sure about you but it is hard to believe that it is almost time for the 100th Day of School! The year is more than half over and I feel the pressure is on to get my little darlings ready for the first grade. There are still a few stragglers that I have got to get caught up and a larger portion that is ready for more challenging work so I tend to feel stretched in several different directions this time of year.

The 100th Day of School is a blast at my school! My Kindergarten Coworkers & I rotate the students between the four classes and do fun activities with them. In my classroom we make Froot Loop necklaces by stringing the cereal by color in groups of ten (ten pink, ten yellow, ten, green, etc) to 100. In another classroom the students write about what they would do with $100 and in another draw how they would look when they are 100 years old and the last class they count out 100 popcorn kernals and pop it in an air popper onto a clean white sheet that has been spread on the floor. Fun Day Indeed!

Here is a simple flipchart we will use to get the day started & use the entire week of the 100th day!



Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

These are SO CUTE :) Great job!

Lisa :)
Made in the Shade in Second Grade

Jessica said...

These look great! I'm your newest follower! I'm looking for some Promethean flipcharts and I'll have to check out your TPT store. :)

The Littlest Scholars

Kelly Young said...

Awww thanks ladies for the compliments! I am now following you too! I love making flipcharts for Promethean Board so let me know if you have something specific you would like to see!