Insta Learn Boards

Just curious if anyone out there in teacher land has used these Insta Learn boards? This are a PreK-3rd grade teacher's best friend! Mrs. Lively introduced me to them 12 years ago and I have never seen anyone else use them but they amazing! The boards have letters/numbers imprinted on them and the kids have letter/number tiles to match upper/lowercase or same letter to them. Then they use the strips with a specific skill on them. (pictured are CVC words, and matching numbers to sets) The best part is that they are self checking because only the correct answers will fit. I am able to use them the entire year and just change the skills. They have strips for money, time, beginning/middle/ending sounds, multiplication, sequencing & missing numbers/letters, sight words, upper/lowercase letters and so much more. Check out their website & request a catalog...  Insta Learn . I don't work for them but I just wanted to share this wonderful resource because if my school was on fire, this is the one item I would try to save!


Edana said...

I'm your newest follower! I found your link on the tpt forum. Welcome to blogland :)

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Heather said...

I purchased almost every set made by Insta-Learn last night at our local Goodwill of all places. I wasn't exactly sure what they were at first, but I quickly realized how awesome they would work in my classroom so I bought everything they had (a shopping cart full!). After a couple of hours of hunting around on the internet this afternoon, I realize what an AMAZING deal I got on these step board sets. Out of everything sold to me, I am only missing one letter "T" and the number "20". Lucky for me, Insta-Learn will replace missing tiles for free. I paid about $100.00 for everything, and I am serious when I say I believe it is every set they make. It would have cost me a fortune to buy all of this from their catalog. I think GW did not know what a treasure they had on their hands! :)

Thanks for posting about the boards. I am having a difficult time finding much about them - other than what the manufacturer offers, anyway.