Am I the only one ready for the looong weekend?!? I have only worked half of this week with my uncooperative knees and I am still exhausted! Teachers pay dearly for those long weekends...it seems the kids are extra "excited" before the weekend gets here and then extra "grumpy" after a long & busy weekend off of their normal sleep schedule. Nevertheless, it is st ill worth every minute of the trouble!

I had really good intentions of getting a lot of projects accomplished while off work this week but my knees went from bad to even worse. Turns out that I had an adverse reaction to my miracle knee injections that  have worked wonders for me the other 3 times that I had them. Looks like I have bought all of the extra time I can get & will have to give in and get a partial replacement  in my right knee this summer & the left knee will follow soon after...ugh! I'm too young for this and my doctor (bless his heart) has tried for several years to get me to the magical age of 40 before doing anything drastic...he makes it sound like turning 40 is a good thing...he tells me "congratulations Kelly, in May you will offically be old enough to get some new knees!"

Well back to kindergarten! Today I did a lesson for President's Day and we were talking about how George Washington chopped down his father's cherry tree. I asked the kids if they would tell the truth if they had done something naughty, even if it meant they would get punished. ALL but 1 said they would lie so they wouldn't get in trouble!!! So does this mean that they are honest about being dishonest?!?! You should have heard of the punishments they thought George Washington would get for cutting down that cherry tree...I particularly liked that he might get grounded from his XBOX & I am also left to wonder if I need to investigate possible child abuse/torture!!! So while they were thinking about an appropriate punishment I showed them the cutest  little video clip that I downloaded off of YouTube of Kermit the Frog interviewing George Washington's father (a puppet "George" is in the background cutting more cherry trees). He tells of how George told the truth & his father was so proud of him. You have to watch this video clip...it was the cutest thing ever! I added into my President's Day Promethean flipchart but need to figure out how to add it to my blog to share with nonPromethean board users.

I finished up my Dr. Seuss/Cat With a Hat flipchart for Promethean board tonight FINALLY! Check it out here.!

And here are a couple of pages from my Presidents' Day flipchart...can't wait to get to Abraham Lincoln tomorrow!