Kindergarten Post Office

Every February I turn my Home Living center into a class post office to encourage my students to write and read more. Each morning the kids come in & write a letter or postcard to a classmate. (They have to pick a name from a bucket for the first letter of the day to ensure every student gets mail & can then write to anyone they choose when that one is done). When they are finished writing they bring their letter/postcard to me and I have them read it back to me before giving them a "stamp" (flag stickers). This helps emphasis legible writing and making complete sentences. During center time, my postal workers sort the mail by boy/girl and then deliver the mail to individual students' mailboxes.  At the end of the day, we check our mailboxes & read our mail. Again, this encourages children to read their own mail rather than have me read it for them. I also make sure to send them a small piece of mail each day too which they love!

For FREE printables click here! here.


Kelly Young said...

I'll post pictures once we get it started!

Michelle said...

Cute idea!