March Maddness!

Thank you to all of you who joined my blog and/or TPT store this weekend! I hope you each got your freebies and are ready to Leap into March! If you didn't get a freebie this time, just hang around and I'll be having another giveaway real soon! It was a lot of fun!

While my husband and son was gone to a fishing rod building show this weekend, I spent every waking minute working on my many little projects that I couldn't seem to get done! After many requests, I was finally able to turn the March Calendar for Promethean board into printable learning centers! I thought I learned my lesson when I did that back in January & February but NOPE, 2 days and many hours later it is finally done!

AND I am also going to blame Lauren at First Grade Diaries for getting me sidetracked on my Phonics Fun flipchart! She was able to finish some custom clip art that I requested. I needed more clipart to use for beginning and ending sounds and of course they were too precious to just sit in a folder on my computer so I just had to get them into a flipchart for my Promethean board!  Here is a preview...  I really wish there was a way you could listen to the sounds for correct/incorrect responses! My 10 year old son (he is ALL boy) helped me pick them and couldn't stop giggling so that might give you a clue as to the types of sounds that are included for negative responses...


Now with those project done I am going to have to push to get my homework done tongiht before they get home! Have I ever mentioned that I am a procrastinator and/or ADD?!?!

AND one more thing....

This year year our school system is doing something a little different. We have always held kindergarten registration in May and PreScreen the students and assign them a classroom before the end of the school year. Of course, we have a lot of additions and withdrawals before the new school year actually starts but overall has worked fine for us.  This year our new elementary supervisior has asked us to do an early registration/Open House tomorrow night (in February!!!) in addition to our regular registration day in May. The idea behind it is that we are losing many students to the local private schools that do early registrations.  It is a good idea in theory but I'm curious how much this will help us to attract and retain new kinders. So my question is how & when do you handle kindergarten registration? Just curious! And now that reminds me that I need to run by school to see if everything is ready for it!

Enjoy the few remaining hours of your weekend!