More Cat and Hats?!?!

It seems like this has been the longest week ever! We have only had school 2 days and a field trip tomorrow but I am already exhausted! Its hard to believe March is already upon us! I feel like these last days of school are slipping through my fingers like sand...there is still so much left to teach & learn. From here on out it feels like a race to get this little darlings ready for first grade.

So all things Cats and Hats are selling like crazy!!! I have had even more requests for more things so I whipped up this Addition and Subtraction stories with the Cat/Hat theme since the Puppy Love Addition and Subtraction stories have been very popular. Head over to my TPT store to check them out!

Have an awesome weekend! I have lots of homework to catch up on for my master's classes this weekend so I hope to get that done quickly so I can work on some more flipcharts & learning center games before my head explodes with all of the ideas packed in there!

Be Blessed!
I certainly am!


Angela said...

Hey, I found your blog today, I was drawn to it because we have the same taste in blog design! I see that you are also a Promethean Board user, as am I. And don't even begin talking about homework! :-( Talk to you later!

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