Oh my, mercy! Look what I got! OK, to be honest I ignored the first email telling me that I had been nominated. Have you seen the great teaching blogs that are out there!?!? There are some amazing blogs & the wonderful ideas I have found on them have truly transformed the way I teach & run my classroom. How dare I compete against these amazing blogs?!? And yes, I am ashamed of how I have neglected my poor little blog lately. These graduate classes will be over in just 6 more weeks....(Praise the Lord!) and then I'll take tender, loving care of my blog once again!

So when I got the 2nd email, I figured it is time to throw myself out there with the BIG dogs of kindergarten blogs! There is a $100 restaurant gift card to be given away after all! Have I told you that I love to eat out AND dislike cooking? Its not so much the cooking as it is the lack of time and then the picky eaters I gave birth to snarl their noses up to my Crockpot surprise dinners! I have much better things to do with my limited time!

I would love it if you stick around because voting will run June 25 through July 2! Enjoy your summer!