Never Tie a Shoe Again!

Oh yeah! You read that correctly! If you have been in a kindergarten classroom for any length of time I'm sure you have a favorite chiropractor! Those blessed little tables and chairs that we bend over all day long can do a big number on our backs. Don't get me wrong, I never tire of stooping down to help a child or to receive a hug from one of my little darlings, but oh those shoes are a different story! I can't stand to see untied shoes. Not only is it unsafe, it just looks sloppy! I found the perfect solution! So go ahead and call me a genius! I found these adorable shoe notepads from Carson-Dellosa (item # 151010) and I title one Tying Teachers and hang it on the wall.

Once I find at least one or two children that can already tie their shoes, I add their name to their own shoe and place it underneath my Tying Teachers shoe. Now when a child needs their shoe tied they can no longer come to me....they have to go to a child who is listed as a tying teacher and that child will tie the shoe and often try to teach their friend how to do it themselves. The competition to become a Tying Teacher gets them motivated to learn how to tie whether at home or from a Tying Teacher in our class. The competition can get fierce and when it does, the entire class will be tying their own shoes by Christmas! No more shoe tying for me! Now I know you are convinced that I am a genius but rest assurred, I am not. Really! I am just lazy, have bad knees and an achey back! I hope this tip helps put your chiropractor out of business!


Cindy Foreman said...

LOVE this idea!!!! I need that notepad!!!

Lisa said...

I teach first and have the same problem. UGH! Years ago, every kid seemed to be wearing Velcro. This year, NONE of my kids had Velcro. None! All were in laces and most couldn't tie them.
I just ordered two large clown shoes on EBAY for $14 and I'll have kids sign them when they can tie. Then, just like you, I'll have kids go to those kids. My hope is that all the kids will be so excited to sign the huge shoe, they'll learn to tie their own speedy quick!! I'll post a pic when they arrive...


Laura Starnes said...

What a great idea! I'm too lazy too and hate bending over or crouching down. I usually have my helpers picked out, but this is a great way for all the kiddos to know.

Kinder Kraziness

Chrissy said...

I almost added "velcro or slip-on shoes" to my supply list!

One year, I had a helpful student who volunteered to help tie shoes (on the first day of kindergarten). The next day, I received a long letter from her mommy, asking why I had chosen to use her child in a servant position. She requested that I never put her child in that position again. I did become great friends with this parent; our initial interaction just showed me once again that kindergarten is a unique parent-teacher spot in the learning community!


Kelly Young said...

So glad I am not alone in the shoe tying hate group! I can't wait to see your clown shoes Lisa! Chrissy...that servant position never would have occurred to me! My kids LOVE being the "teacher" but I can see where a shy child may not enjoy that job. I'm excited to hear about know Tying Teachers works for you throughout the school year!

Miss Pasqua said...

Great idea! Thanks :)

Jenni/ squirlko on Rav said...

Super Cute idea! Could you give a mom some tips on how to teach shoe tying at home? I have no idea how to go about this with my five year old.

Dianne said...

My day begins and ends with shoe tying as a before and after care giver. This year I will teach the kids (and parents) how to tie the same way I learned. Sit down on the floor in front of a table leg, shoelace in hand and do it over and over till you get get...thanks grandmother

Rachel Seymour said...

I LOVE this idea! I just pinned it on Pinterest. I hope that's okay! I'm doing a Rock Star theme this year so I think I'm going to put their names up on a big guitar that I have. I teach first grade and after Thanksgiving I tell them I don't tie shoes anymore! :)

Thanks for sharing!