It's a Hole in 1,2,3!

Here is a quick and easy number recognition activity that will help firm up those fine motor skills. Students use hole punchers to punch the correct number of holes in each card. Click on the pictures below to get your free copy or find it here.

Craft stores have all sorts of paper punch designs to choose from. A note of warning...the tiny pieces of paper that result from the hole punching can get quiet messy so I would suggest having students do this activity over a cookie sheet or tray. I also save the punches to use on craft projects. For example, in a few weeks we will be discussing fall leaves so I will copy the papers on fall colors and have students punch leaves out to use when decorating a fall tree project. Closer to Valentine's Day, I will copy the papers on pink and red paper and use heart paper punchers. Clever, huh?!

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Amanda said...

What an adorable idea! I'm sure the kids love doing this ... I teach First Grade and am wondering if I could adapt this to have them punch out addition problems? Happy Labor Day!

Kelly Young said...

Hi Amanda! I actually have pages with simple addition & subtraction included!

Mrs. Byers said...

Super cute!! Thanks and I'm a new follower too!

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