The Little Young Class That Isn't Afraid of Anything!

Several years ago our school was fortunate enough to receive a very large art grant. Some of the money was used to bring in different types of artists. My absolute favorite was Mrs. Kathleen also known as The Puppet Lady. One of the activities she did with the kids was to read the book The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything and had the kids help retell the story using props. They absolutely loved it!  My coworkers and I did several days of scarecrows and finished it up with this book and decided to make our very own and much smaller version of the scarecrow and this is what we came up with...

 Ok now say it with me…”THAT IS SO ADORABLE!” One of my kindergarten friends has a toddler that is always dressed so cute and she brought in some of his hand-me downs. They are so cute and are the perfect size for our PVC frame! (I completely forgot to bring him a hat so I just used a pirate hat from my dress up center.)
Here is the frame we started with. My handy man husband only spent $6 on the PVC pipes & elbow pieces (easy to take apart for storage.) He also drilled a hole in the bottom of my pumpkin bucket so that it fit perfectly on the frame.


Shelly said...

This is very cute! Can you show or list the parts needed. Also how tall is he and what size clothing works. Thanks!