Traffic Report

I thought I would interupt my awesome fall break to share a quick activity that we did with our transportation unit! Keep reading to grab your freebie below!
As a culminating activity for our Transportation unit, we took the kids outside and sat them on our walking track next to the road. The kids then graphed the colors of the cars, trucks, and other vehicles that passed by. The kids absolutely loved it! The people that drove by no doubt heard the kids scream "it's another white one" or "here comes a red one!" 

After we had a "winning" color on our graphs, we took our papers inside and analyzed our data (fancy Common Core Curriculum words for counting each color and writing how many.) The kids also enjoyed comparing their graphs with their classmates. and talking about why they thought there were not very many pink, purple, or orange cars and what color car their parents drove.
We had planned to also graph the vehicles by type on the following day but rain kept us inside.
Grab your free copy of the Traffic Report graphing page here!
Just a week ago, I said the shameful words of a teacher...."I'm not really ready for a week off from school!" Then came the last few days before the break and I was quickly eating my words! Pancake & Pajama Day, field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, report card testing, and trying to get my lesson plans done for after the break....I definately earned my week off those last few days!  My class is just precious and I have missed them so much but spending a few days on a sunny beach while it was rainy, cold, and dreary back at home has given me a boost to keep me going until Christmas Thanksgiving break!  I will now resume my fall break!



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Omgosh this is such a cute idea!

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What a fantastic idea!

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Angie Kantorowicz said...

Love this. We don't have much traffic by my school but I'm thinking of the parking lot.
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I love your blog! Thanks so much for linking up on my Blogs of Inspiration page!

Hollie Fumero said...

I absolutely love this idea. I can't wait to use it with my class! Thank you for the freebie!


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