Christmas is Coming!

I did the unthinkable! Yes, I pulled out a few of my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving! I never do that but the Hallmark Channel keeps playing all of those Christmas movies all weekend long and I just couldn't help myself! Just a few though.  I decided to distract myself from decking the halls all of the way by revising all of my Christmas products on TPT. This time last year I was just getting started and learning all about creating things to sell so the quality just wasn't the best. Boy have I learned alot in the past year and made many revisions to my things but I'm not finished just yet. Here are some of the new and/or improved things I have so far... If you have bought any of these (any of my things really) then go to My Purchases on the TPT homepage and check for any updates. You can also click on the pictures to take you directly to the product. The weekend isn't over yet so check back again in a few days!



Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Jen said...

I am refusing to put up my Christmas stuff before kids are pressuring me, but I am not backing down! Ha...They're probably going to win! :)

Jen's Kinder Kids