A Tiny Visitor!

The St. Patrick's Day fun has already hit my classroom! Today we did a little introduction to the St. Patrick's Day holiday, learned a little about the country of Ireland, and then read a little bit about leprechauns. We learned that they often hide a pot of gold, are usually under 2 foot tall, and can sometimes be found repairing shoes for the fairies who wear out their shoes from all of the dancing that they do. We also read that they can be a bit unfriendly. Now, who can blame them for being so grumpy...everyone is always trying to find their gold! Touch my gold (Reese's miniatures, Rolos, Hershey treasures) and I can get a little grumpy myself!
Last March, I came across this idea from The Schroeder Page and found a little "leprechaun-y" door from Hobby Lobby and modified the evidence recording page to fit my little ones. (Will post a picture of the door tomorrow...the picture I took was way too blurry).
So today we heard a tiny, little knock at our door and when we opened the door, we found the litle leprechaun door/home in the hallway.  We made predictions of who the home belonged to....Smurfs, Big Foot, and leprechauns to name a few. They had to draw/write what they thought (opinion writing) and the evidence they found to support their opinion.
So here is what they will be finding tomorrow!  More evidence! Look at those tiny green feet (hole punch from baby shower section of Hobby Lobby) and the hammer for working on shoes came from the doll house section of Hobby Lobby. Now let's not be too judgmental about that shoe! I know it doesn't really look like a dancing shoe (at least not for a fairy) but I have 3 boys which made finding a Barbie shoe a bit of a challenge...SO...
"You get what you get, and don't throw a fit!"  so I went with it! 

This is the book we will be reading tomorrow!
Click on the book below to visit their website.
I wonder who will visit our class first...the Naughty or Nice Leprechaun. Come back tomorrow to find out and see what mischief those leprechauns can make!