Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Friends!
Only 1 more day until my Spring Break is officially over so I thought I would waste some time on the computer! I love learning about all of my teacher friends out there in the cyber world! Through blogging and Teachers Pay Teachers, I have "met" teachers from the East coast, West coast, Hawaii, Canada, France, Australia, and many other cool places that I only dream of visiting. I love hearing about how differently things are in their schools (ping pong is a required class for all students in France) and how we are so much alike in many other ways. Another way I have learned about other teacher/blogger friends is through Linky Parties so I am joining up with Latoya Reed from Flying Into First with a Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party. Come along with me to find out more about these teacher/blogger buddies!
It's All About Favorites this week...
My Favorite Place to Shop...
I love New York & Company for several reasons...
1. They have cute clothes for school.
2. I can wear a size smaller in their clothes!
3. They give teachers a 15% discount every day!
4. Did I mention that I can wear a size smaller in their clothes?!?!
5. They have great sales and lots of coupon offers.
My Favorite TV Show...
The Middle
I don't watch a lot of television although it is always on Duck Dynasty or other "man" shows but I really don't have any shows that I HAVE to watch other than The Middle (Wednesday nights at 8 on ABC). This show is so much like my life...a middle class family with teenage children that are too much like my own. The things in my life that makes me want to cry are so much funnier to watch on television. This family has to duct tape the dishwasher to keep the water in, the kitchen table is used for storage rather than eating, the wallpaper is peeling, the oven is used for storage, and the kids are typical middle class siblings that fight just like mine! LOVE IT!

 My favorite sweet treat...
Now that my friends is just a hard question to answer! I LOVE all things sweet! I think those large cupcakes from Cupcake Divas are at the top of my list along with fudge, peanut butter fudge, Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts, Peeps & Jelly Beans at Easter, Candy Corn at Halloween, Reese's Christmas trees, eggs or pumpkins. Chocolate of any kind, birthday cake ice cream, Cherry Sours, Brach's Fruit Slices, Wonka Candy of any kind....I love sugar...any questions?
My Favorite Food and Restaurant...
 These two go hand in hand for me. I love a good salad (to counteract all of the sugar I eat!) and my all time favorite place to get a salad is J. Alexander's. Look at that salad! Oh dear, my mouth is already watering! I also love Chili's Quesadilla Explosion Salad with chips & salsa and the Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie!
Well now that I have worked up an appetite, I think I'll go see if there is any chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream left! Now it is your turn to share!
Feel free to link up throughout the week and come back each week for a new topic!

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Gina said...

Thanks for following and commenting on my blog and its design! It's brand new and I love it! PLL is a show you love to hate. Or hate to love. Either way I am so confused its insane lol. But I can't stop watching. And I LOVE NY&Co for the same reasons. Especially the wear a size smaller

Kaleigh said...

Cute blog design! I found you through Latoya's linky! My spring break is coming to an end as well :( Doesn't it always seem to fly by!?!?

Kaleigh's Klassroom

Jean Robinson said...

I like New York and CO too. :) Especially their Khakis. The middle cracks me up too. I love Axl and Sue. They are my faves. :)
Diving Into 2nd Grade

The Polished Teacher said...

Oh my goodness I love The Middle! That show is hilarious! So many similarities between the Heck's and my family too. It's great comedy relief for getting through the week!


Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten said...

Love Cupcakes and New York and Company!!

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten