We're Not Dragon, We are Flying into First Grade!

Take a look at these adorable dragonflies!  My assistant, Mrs. Lively found this idea somewhere on Pinterest and created this adorable bulletin board. The dragon flies are created using plastic spoons and the wings have been cut out of laminating film. Our laminator always puts out about a foot of excess film at the beginning of every laminating project so we save that extra laminating film for different projects throughout the year. The kids used sharpie markers to color the wings. They used a wing template under them that they could trace to make the black lines on the wings first. 
The caption says..
We're Not "Dragon",
We're Flying into First Grade!
...and all of the dragonflies are headed in the direction of our first grade classes!
Mrs. Lively is so good at creating bulletin boards... we think schools should hire her full time to do nothing but create adorable bulletin boards for teachers!

Buzzing into Spring!

The bumble bee day of our insect is always one of my favorites. After reading a nonfiction book about bees and getting our facts straight, I then read The Honeybee and the Robber by Eric Carle.  We review the beginning, middle, and end of the story and then the kids were able to draw their favorite part of the story.  Love the picture below of the "robber" trying to steal the bee's honey!

This next part is perfect for rainy day recess! Before the lesson, I hung die cut flowers around the classroom.  I played the Flight of the Bumble Bee and we then got opinions on why this is/is not a good title for this music selection and what instruments are being used to make the "buzzing" sounds. When I played the music again, my little bumble bees buzzed from flower to flower sipping the nectar and returning it to the hive.   
    Sipping nectar from a flower...                                    Bringing the nectar to the hive....
When I have done this activity in the past, I wrote bee facts (and some opinions) on small post it notes and attached them to the flowers. My little bees would then bring a fact back & stick it to the hive. At the end of the music we would read the bee facts and sort them as facts or opinions.  I didn't do that this time due to limited time since it was testing week :'(