Back to School Freebie and To Do List...

Summer is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from school and get over the burnout that settles in around the end of the school year. The sad part of summer (other than it's short life span) is that my mind begins to think about the new school year all too soon! Here are some thoughts going through my head today..

  • how do I want to rearrange my classroom this year?
  • the file cabinets need to be organized...and painted.
  • the old reading curriculum needs to be moved out.
  • the new reading curriculum moved am I going to organize it?!?
  • My classroom library center...ugh...I really intended to order CDs to replace all of the cassette tapes so they store flatter and need to find a better way to organize all of my books & tapes.
  • I have too many TPT projects started and each one needs just a little time spent on them to get them finished up and posted.
  • the math common core training I attended this week has me ready to approach my math lessons differently and ready to plan new activities this summer while they are fresh on my mind...

...until the pool caught my eye...and I smelled sunscreen on a little body running through my kitchen while I type...and the sun coming through the window is making the computer screen hard to see...and it may rain later this week...

Enough of the procrastination! I think I may do a better job of thinking about school from the pool! As I go put on my swimsuit, I leave you with a new beginning of the year freebie that my kiddos love doing! Click on the pictures below to grab this up!



lorena said...

I hear ya! Have fun at the pool! I love your freebie, thanks!!! :)