Back to School Book Boxes & freebie

I only have 2 1/2 weeks until I go back to school and my classroom floors have still not even been cleaned and waxed! I love to get my classroom set up and then have a week or so of not thinking about school before the big day. Now that doesn't normally happen so I am considering this inconvenience a blessing. So while I wait another week to be able to get in my classroom I have been working on other things at home.

Today's project was Book Boxes for our Daily 5 time! I found the plain white cardboard book boxes at IKEA for $1.99 for a pack of 5 boxes...what a bargain! (My first trip ever to IKEA & I loved it!) Now I can't have plain white boxes in my bright, cheery, & primary colored classroom so I spray painted them before I unfolded them & put them together! I know you are probably thinking that would make them sticky & wrinkle them up but they did great and once the paint dried they are smooth as silk!  I can't wait to put them on my black shelf so the colors will really pop!   
 Just a tip- The green Valspar paint still feels a bit tacky but the color is great. The red from Walmart did not cover as smooth as the others and I had to touch it up with a second coat. The blue Rust-oleum & ACE hardware brand were the best. They went on smooth and only needed one coat of paint.

...and here is one of the finished boxes!
Click on the picture below to get your
free Book Box labels.



Chrissy said...

Thank you for sharing!
I'm moving to a district kindergarten position and have yet to see my classroom! My first day is 8/5...can you say "panic"?!

Katie L said...

This is great!!! I used cereal boxes last year and never got around to doing anything with them. I am definitely spray painting them this year to make them more appealing!! Thanks for the labels:)


Jillian Miller said...

Hi! Thank you so much for these adorable labels. Is there a way that I can edit them so that I can add students' names to the bottom as you have. Not sure how to do that. I have saved it with Adobe. Thanks for any help. :)

Kelly Young said...

You are very welcome ladies! I'm sorry Jillian but there isn't a way to edit them:( I created them using Activboard software so unless you have a Promethean Board they cannot be edited.