Fall Break At Last!

Please don't misunderstand me...I love my job, but I am so glad to have a week off for fall break! I think that I put so much time & energy into my job during and after school hours that I just neglect everything else. Never more true than in the last 5 weeks since Logan's accident.  He is home now and we are so happy to no longer have to make the 45 minute drive one way to the hospital.  I miss the round the clock nursing care & 3 hot meals delivered daily but I am so thankful to have the comforts of home!

I spent my first official day off finishing up my 2nd set of morning work. I am almost finished doing the first set my own students so I was in a panic to get this one finished soon! Click on the pictures below to go get it from my TPT store.


Jayne Gammons said...

Working in your pajamas is awesome! Enjoy, Jayne
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