Math in Motion

My school recently received a grant to purchase Learnercise Phone Mats. These things are amazing! The kids had so much fun and I could easily assess their number recognition skills. They were twisted up in knots and giggling the entire time. The instructional booklet had some great activity suggestions but I was also able to "free style" using a Twister Game style to meet my assessment needs. I didn't specify right/left hand or foot. We just used legs, hands, elbows, knees, bellies, and noses! 

It was so fun to see how different the kids moved & problem solved their movements to follow my directions!
Elbow on 4, foot on 3 and another on 8
One hand on 3 and the other on 5!


Knee on 2, foot on 3, nose on 8, & hand on 2!

These mats can also be used for identifying colors, alphabet recognition, addition & subtraction, spelling words, and multiplication in the upper grades.  We have to check the mats out and share with the entire school so I am seriously considering posting a grant on Donors to get my own class supply of the mats since we could use them most every week for a variety of skills and would be perfect for rainy day recess! At $24 each, these mats would be a great investment and we would certainly get our money's worth out of them! I'm sure I could make these out of shower curtains or plastic table cloths but at this point in my life I am looking for the easy way to do things and these are good quality mats. I would love to hear from anyone else that uses these or have made their own "homemade" version.
Check the mats out here.