Superhero Teachers

My friend, Jayne from Smart Kids is hosting a Teacher Super Hero Linky Party and I thought I would join up while I waste away my afternoon watching Hallmark Christmas movies on this 2nd day of November! I would normally feel guilty about wasting an afternoon in front of TV but not this time! Today marks the 2 month anniversary of Logan's car accident and it finally feels like things are almost back to normal! Well, not so father in law has suffered 2 strokes in the last 3 weeks and is now in a rehab hospital. Although the hospital is only 1 mile from their home, it is 45 minutes from ours. We are exhausted physically, emotionally, and just plain tired! These feel good Hallmark movies are therapy for me today!

Real Name/AKA: This is a bit complicated! My name is Kelly Christine Young. I was 'Christy' until I went to the first grade. There were 5 girls named Christy in the class so my mother said "just call her Kelly!" That was a HUGE mistake! All of my kindergarten friends thought I had a twin and later thought that maybe Christy had died since they never saw her again.  My family, church family, neighbors, and family friends still called me Christy, but all of my school friends called me Kelly. My husband met me as Kelly since I was with school friends when we met. The strange thing is that if he calls me Christy, I will not respond. If my parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins call me Kelly, it just sounds strange. Therefore, my name depends on who you are, but let's just stick with Kelly!
Known To My Teacher Friends As: Kelly, the organized one
Proud Moment: Putting myself through took me 9 years & 2 babies later to finish a 4 year degree!
Can't Live Without: Sugar and/or chocolate and salad.
Alternate Career Route: A school secretary. I would also love to work in an orphanage taking care of infants but we are still praying about that!  
My happily ever after: I married my husband Brad just 3 weeks after turning 18 and we have been married for 23 years and have 3 wonderful boys. Corey is 20 and a junior in college majoring in accounting. Logan is 17, (recovering from a serious car accident) and is my non academically motivated child. We are all holding our breath until he graduates in May!  He is on Homebound Schooling right now but will only have 2 classes when he gets to return to school in January. My baby, Jarod will turn 12 this week and is in his first year of middle school. 
I love my boys (men) and I love my job! I have always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and I had the smartest dolls and stuffed animals around when I was little because we played school every day!
This is my happily ever after!


Chrissy said...

I need to scroll back and find out what happened to Logan! I also have 3 boys, all the same ages as yours (except my SR in HS is now 18) and I have a 15 yr-old daughter. There are many Friday and Saturday nights that are spent staying awake until one of them are home.

Yes, you are a Superhero! Please keep in touch--I think we have a lot in common!
Chrissy ReadWriteSing

Barbara said...

WoW ... a whole month already! I'm glad that you took extra time for yourself today and what better way to while away some time than the Hallmark Channel!

I blogged about our brief encounter on Friday at the Corner when I reviewed the book Stand In My Shoes.

What fun to know a bit more about you!