Ho Ho Ho! Give AND Recieve a Little Christmas Cheer!

Whew! December is such a fun month with kindergarteners...at least for the 1st week of December. However, every year it seems that the closer we get to Christmas the behavior begins to deteriorate and that part about "you better not pout, you better not cry" is suddenly forgotten. The poor little darlings are under such pressure to be good and remain on the Nice list that I think they get stressed to the max. Hmmm...that almost sounds like teachers preparing for standardized tests in the spring! We start out reviewing and preparing for THE test and feeling all confident that we did a fabulous job of teaching the material but the closer we get to the test the more pressure we feel. Did I cover it all? Did  I do a good job of preparing them for THE test?  Will they be able to stay focused? Will I remain on the "Nice" list?...and then teachers begin to pout & cry! Too much pressure!

Well, to help keep learning fun and pouting away, I created some new Christmas themed fliphchart pages for my ActivBoard and I wanted to spread a little Christmas Cheer and share it with you. 
Click on the pictures below to download it for free!


I am also excited about my newest DonorsChoose.org project. I just submitted it today and it is already live and ready for donations! The most exciting part is that for the first week Disney will match funds if the donor enters the PROMO code DISNEY at checkout.
My project is requesting 2 additional iPads for my classroom so I will have enough for small group instruction.  The introduction of iPads into my classroom has opened up so many new learning opportunities for my students and I want to do even more with them! My Christmas break project is to find even more lesson plan ideas for using the iPads in my classroom. 
Now here is a deal for you...donate at least $10 to my project and use the DISNEY code at checkout and I will let you choose $20 worth of products from my TPT store! That's right....$20 worth of products for a $10 tax deductible donation!  Just email me after you have given and let me know what products you would like and I will email them to you! Thank you in advance for your help! 
Click here to donate!
Blessings to You & Yours!


Pam said...

What software do you have to have to use this? Can it work with notebook software/smart book software? Thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

Hi Kelly - Just checking in to see how your holidays have been and how Logan is doing. Happy new year to you and your loved ones!