An invitation to ~iPad Lesson ideas~

Got iPads?
As of now, I have 4 iPads in my kindergarten classroom that my students LOVE! My school provided 1 iPad and I wrote and received grants from for the other 3. I currently have a grant posted for 2 more iPads on in case you are feeling a little generous! Any amount, no matter how small gets me a little closer to getting iPads into my little ones' hands. Click here to give!
Now that my begging, pleading, commercial is complete....let's get to the real reason for this blog post!  I'm guilty! I know that I am not using the iPads to their fullest potential. I had great ideas and plans but then "life" happened and those ideas & plans have gotten lost in the process.  Well now that the kids & I are comfortable with using them in the classroom, I am looking for new & creative ideas on how to use them in a kindergarten classroom. 
What better way to share your ideas than on Pinterest?!!
I am a member of many collaborative boards but do not have any of my own so I am going to start with an iPad Lesson Ideas board. If you would like to be added just follow my blog over there on the right---> and then comment with your Pinterest name and/or email address or you can email me at You will also have to follow the board before you can be added.       
What am I looking for?
I want to SEE how iPads are being used in the classroom, not just app suggestions. (Pinterest is great for those of us that are visual learners!) If you have or see a favorite app let me know HOW you are using it. I want to see storage & charging station ideas, ideas for small group & whole class instruction, pictures/videos of what students are doing with them, how to organize the folders & pages of apps, how to customize for individual students or groups, what works & what doesn't work, and ideas that you want to try or have already tried.  
Right now we use them for listening to audio storybooks and during literacy centers and small group time. My favorite app for using them with small math groups is Doodle Buddy but I recently discovered Garfield's Mental Math... sure Garfield the cat is a little outdated but this app is AMAZING, free, and exactly what Common Core math should look like! Love it!
The kids also love making videos to show off what they have learned to do such as counting by tens, tying shoes, etc. I then let those that are still struggling with this watch the video of their friends counting by tens over and over until they can do it on their own and be added to the video themselves.
Now it's your turn! Comment, follow, join, pin, and/or direct me to a blog post that I may find helpful.
Be Blessed!


Terry Yordan said...

I am looking forward to your iPad Pinterest board. I stalk your blog and will be doing the same with your board.