100th Day Mania

Whew! We FINALLY got to celebrate the 100th day of school...a week late....due to 5 snow days. Here is my amazing kindergarten team and I in our cute 100th day shirts! 

We had so much fun! The kids rotate through all 4 classrooms to do a 100th day activity in each! In my class we did the traditional Fruit Loop/Cheerio necklaces by making groups of ten. One of the little darlings from another class couldn't remember my name so he started calling me Mrs. Ten! I was hoping he meant I was a perfect 10 but it quickly occurred to me that every time he put 10 Fruit Loops on his necklace he would ask "am I finished yet?" to which I replied... "choose a new color and do 10 more!"
Yep, Mrs. Ten was very fitting!
I think the kids' favorite activity was our Hershey Kiss Scavenger Hunt. I put numbers 1-100 on the bottom of kisses and then hid them all over the classroom. The kids were told to go find just 1 kiss and then bring it and put it on the 100 chart and then they could go find another. This actually took about 30 minutes to do and they had a ball! When all 100 had been found, we shared them equally.
Speaking of the 100 Chart, the kids enjoyed going on a number hunt to find a hidden picture. Click on the picture below to download your free copy!
I just love the 100 year old Me & Bucket List they completed in Ms. Mason's class. (I think the idea originated from Deanna Jump)
Some of their Bucket List items were so funny!
Ride a skateboard
Have a Car

Make little bracelets
jump out of an airplane
Make MineCraft videos
*Marry a boy...I want to!



Marry a girl
drive a car
be a dad
Overall, the day was a great success and we have 100 days behind us and only 72 more to go! We can do this!
Be Blessed!


Dina said...

Love your t-shirts! That's so cute having the grade level wear the same shirts. We had weather days,too, and missed our 100th Day. We had to call it our 100th Day Together, since we weren't having to make up the days. I've got to let my kids do your freebie though! It seems so much easier to do than the others I've seen. I found a mistake though. The last number to highlight is 48 and it should be 49. But thanks so much for sharing! That will be an easy fix, and we'll be doing it for morning work!

Dr. Maty said...

I love your 100 day bucket list!!!! Definitely doing it next year! Adorable :)