Got Lunch?

If your students must enter a lunch number on a keypad you may be interested in the letter below that asks parents to help their child learn their number at home.
Click on the picture to download it for free!


Michele said...

My team and I were talking about this and we were going to create we don't have to:) Thank you!!

Linda said...

These are great to have!

Down the Learning Road

Debbie Eccles said...

Thank you! This is so much "cuter" than the plain keypad that I send home.

Kristopher smith said...

Thanks for giving great information on child care centers. It is good for growing kids to get proper education knowledge from kindergarten schools.

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Deborah Kravitz said...

Kelly: We love this very much however the numbers are reversed on your picture from our keypads. Our have the 1 at the top left like a phone. Is there any way you can send me this in a format that we can edit?