My Teacher is Missing!

Over Mother's Day weekend, I took a day off from school to travel back home to Tennessee. It was a last minute decision and I did not "prepare" my students that they would be having a substitute. In planning for a sub at the last minute, I pulled some things from my Emergency Sub Plans since they had not been used all school year long. Before reading the book Miss Nelson is Missing, the sub had my class brainstorm some ideas of where I might be & then draw and write about their thoughts.

Their responses were darling!

"I think she is at home watching TV. I think she is playing in her backyard."

"I think she is at home. She is watching TV."

"She is at the bus ramp? I think she is."

"I think she is visiting her grandparents. I think she is having fun."

"She is at home to get her little boy. Or sick."

"Mrs. Young is spying on us. Mrs. Young is out of town."

"Maybe she is going to the doctor. Or she is at Disney World."

"I think my teacher is sick."
So what is your last minute/emergency substitute plan ideas that require little planning or preparation? Leave me a comment of ideas that I can add to my "bag of tricks!"



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krissyblueyes said...

Can I get a copy of "My teacher is missing"?