Coming Soon! An Answer to all of Your Creative Needs!

My husband and I have a very creative & talented friend that is sure to blow you away with his talents. Kevin McHann's talents are too numberous to cover in this little blog post of mine but to start he is a gifted singer, song writer, artist, curriculum writer, producer, actor....blah, blah, blah!

Now what can he do for you?!?!

Got an idea for a topic of study but not creative enough to get it together? Kevin is your man! Need a catchy song to go along with a unit of study? Kevin is your man! Need props and/or sets built for a school/church play? Need visual aids or (my personal favorite) decorations for your school, church, or classroom? Kevin is definately your man! Visit him at his new blog here. He is working on his blog today but keep checking back and be prepared to be blown away by all he has to offer. He is ready to create something custom for you today! Here is a picture of the stage he made for my classroom several years this picture I have my homeliving center in it, but also use it for puppet shows, class plays, dance contests, or to put kids on stage with a microphone to sing or recite the days of the week, count to 100, or show off any new skills they have learned. I just sit back with a clipboard & check off skills they have mastered while they kids enjoy the show! Easiest way to assess for report card testing ever! I'll post more pictures as I find them on my old computer....

Stay tuned for a picture of the giant pencil I had him make for me!