March Madness in February?!?!

After spending the entire day at the emergency room yesterday with a very swollen & fluid filled knee, I was actually relieved to be sent home and confined to the bed/sofa for the remainder of the weekend! I feel like I am so far behind because many of you are already planning for March and I have yet to get my Valentine cards finished!!! They are next on my list of things to do...along with getting ready for my evaluation from my principal this week, finish graduate class homework, help son finish 4H demonstation speech/project, get back up sub plans together for knee-fluid draining day(s), cut coupons from all 6 of today's newspaper (yes, I am a big couponer!!!), upload class pictures on my blog, celebrate husband's birthday...bless his soul...I haven't been able to walk, much less shop for him, clean house before I lose someone in this mess, shower?!?! I think I hear a pain pill calling my name!!! And with that long list of things to do, what do I choose to do? Jump ahead and work on March projects that have been swimming around in my head! Check them out at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
These cute St. Patrick's Day themed owls can be used to help with Alphabet upper/lowercase letters and alphabetical order and the set below can be used for sequencing numbers 1-20 and/or matching numbers to number words 1-20.

My kids will get a kick out of creating silly sentences with these Cat in the Hat themed sentence part cards. They will love illustrating the crazy sentences even more! Can't wait to use them!


Tessa said...

Hi there! I'm excited that I was able to award you the Liebster Blog award. Head on over to my blog to check it out. Congratulations!

I'm also a big couponer! It's taken a huge hit since blogging, unfortunately!

Unknown said...

I love the owls!! Hope your knee is feeling better! I'm your newest follower!

Ellen said...

Hey Kelly! I also have awarded your blog the Liebster Blog award! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas on your blog!

Ellen Boyle

Unknown said...

You ladies are too sweet! Thank you so very much for the kind words!