Hoppy Number Lines

We have been working on addition & subtraction and working towards being able to do it fluently thanks to Common Core Curriculum. Not an easy task for kindergarteners! If you are fortunate enough to have an ActivBoard then check out my free Bunny Hop flipchart for using number lines by teaching students to "hop" forward and/or backwards on the number line. Of course I needed something hands-on for my kiddos so I made these cute printable versions of the number lines and a matching addition & subtraction worksheet for each. Get them for only $1.50!



If you have any fun, hands-on activites for addition & subtraction please share! Pretty please!!! I did find a cute idea that I can't wait to try! Students will go "Bowling" using empty water or soda bottles. Students take turns bowling and writing the subtraction equation.

9 pins, 4 hit: 9 - 4 = 5
Give each bowler 2 turns.
So the second turn would be
5 pins, 2 hit: 5 - 2 = 3

or you could reverse the system and have them add to find the total pins toppled in two tries.

This will be great since we have an end of year reward trip to go bowling! Love it!

I also made a Summer themed Addition and Subtraction flipchart for ActivBoard because it looks like we will be working on this for a while longer!



Be Blessed & Enjoy Your Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I made dinosaur footprints, each with a number - 1-10 on it and laminated them for durability. I velcro these, in order, to the carpet and write an addition or subtraction sum on the board. The children have to start on the first number written and then take as many steps forwards or backwards as the sum says, and see where they land. They love it, and it's a great starter for using number lines to add and subtract.
Natalie D