Freebie, Teaching Tip, and Home Living Center idea!

Freebie Alert!

I threw these together this afternoon because my kiddos need more work with reading AND writing simple CVC words and this is what I came up with. Of course they are not as cute when copied in black and white but they still do what I need them to do! Click on the pictures below to find them in my TPT store!


Just a random teaching tip...

When I first began teaching I was always afraid that I would give a student my original worksheet by accident and lose the worksheet forever! I kept extra "back up" copies of everything until my filing cabinet was ready to bust and I discovered this handy little tip. I use a yellow highlighter & write "original" on MY original copy. When the worksheet is copied the highlighter does not show up! How awesome it that?!?! This makes it so much easier to keep my original copies safe and sound! It also helps my parent volunteers keep the originals seperated when they are making copies for me. ALWAYS test the highlighter brands in a small area first because some of the cheaper brands will show up a little bit when copied. Yellow seems to be best but some of the other highlighter colors work as well. 

And now time for a new Home Living Center idea...

I'm sure that this isn't a new idea to most of you but when we study identifying the coins, I turn the Home Living into a store. Yep, I take all of those empty junk food boxes and tap or/glue coin amounts on them (1cent, 5 cent, etc), add a toy cash register filled with play coins, and a few paper bags. Students can then write out a shopping list and then "buy" the items from the store. Their partner will then be the cashier and collect the correct coin for each item. They love this and it is so cute watching them correct each other if they try to pay with the wrong coins.  


Well I have procrastinated doing my graduate class homework so it is time to get to work on that and stop playing school now! Do you have any good random ideas to share? If so, leave a comment below... 

Have a wonderful week!