Never Ending Laundry

I have been on Spring Break this week and while my friends have been living it up at the beach and/or at Disney World or taking their mini vacations I have been super busy with Spring Cleaning! Yuck! I have spent the entire week cleaning out closets and weeding out all of the clothes that my boys have outgrown and washing all of the dirty clothes I found hidden in their rooms and in closets. Boys!!! Well the results are in and so far I am up to 9 garbage bags and 2 boxes of things to take to Goodwill with only my husband's closet left to go. Where did all of this "STUFF" come from?!?! Normally I would hold on to it all until the neighborhood yard sale but there is just too much stuff to store in the garage & I want it GONE!

So with all of the laundry theme consuming my Spring Break, I decided it was time to redo and put my Laundry Day Learning ideas for a Home Living or HouseKeeping center on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click on the picture below & get it quick because it won't be free for long! I'm in a giving mood today!

If you download these, please be so kind as to leave positive feedback and it would also be awesome if you could share with others by pinning it on Pinterest! Thank you & Enjoy!


Lisa said...

I so agree about the STUFF multiplying! I have a different spring break from my kids and husband but we're sneaking in a quick trip to Washington D.C. Then when we get back, I go back to school and their week of decluttering bedrooms begins!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebie, cute idea. You always feel good when you purge. Will do some purging after school is over.Have a great summer.

Mrs. Egley said...

Just found your blog. I found it via pinterest. Your laundry day idea was pinned on their board. I am so glad I found your blog!! I am your newest follower!