Are You Having An Un"Bear"able Day?

So the end of the school year is near (Praise the Lord) and it is the time of year that I begin to think of all of the things I can't wait to do better or differently next year. The one thing that has been a constant for me in all of my years of teaching is my behavior system....the Bears! All of my former students ask me if I still do the bears & say they loved the bears...that's what they remember most about my class?!?! Really?!?! So here is how it works....


Each student has a set of 4 die cut teddy bears in a pocket chart labeled "Who is Having an Un'Bear'able Day?" Everyone starts with brown on top and then the colors of a traffic light... green, yellow, & red.  If someone breaks a rule (rules are posted close by) they have to pull the brown (warning) bear and put him in the back. If another rule is broken then the green bear is pulled and the student misses 5 minutes of recess or play time. Yellow bear is next and 10 minutes of playtime is lost. Notice the brown bear's smiling face gradually turn to a sad frowny face....just like Mrs. Young's face!

If a students gets on red bear, they get a Sad Red Bear note sent home for the parent to sign and return. They will also lose half of their playtime. During this time they can sit or stand in time out or walk the walking track that goes around the playground. This is a picture of the Red Bear note that goes home...I don't know where this poem & picture originated but I have put in a request with my clip art lady to make me a new sad bear so I can redistribute it.  

Brown Bear- Way To Go
Green Bear- Oops! That's OK!
Yellow Bear- Oh No! Be Careful!
Red Bear- Oh No! Your Behavior is Un"bear"able!

The poem on the Sad Red Bear note says...

Many days I try real hard and do the things I should. 
But today I wasn't trying, my behavior wasn't good.
My teacher thinks I'm special but she doesn't like the way
I kept the class from learning when I misbehaved today.
So maybe if we talk it out, tomorrow will be good
Because you helped me to remember to do the things I should. 

The parents enjoy getting this "gently" worded sad note & it reminds students that everyone makes mistakes. Over the years I have tried other Behavior management plans but none have been as effective as this one. I hate that it is so big and takes up such a large space on a wall (althought it is over an AC unit that I can't put anything in front of anyway) or on a door but there is something about it being public that encourages the students to be on their best behavior since they can monitor their bear color. At the end of the year I send the bears home in a memory book that I make for each child. Those that never pull bears love getting them and the parents of those well worn bears get a kick out of seeing how worn out their child's bears are.

What about you? Do you have a behavior management plan that you absolutely love?

Have a "Bear-y" Good Day!


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I am your newest follower! Just found your blog from TpT! Very cute!!