Test, test, test! Ugh!

Until next year, our kindergarten has been fortunate enought to not be required to take the TCAP (TN state standarized test). I feel so bad for these poor teachers and students that are completely stressed out over this once a year, week long, crazy test that "determines" if the teachers are effective teachers and/or the school is making adequate yearly progress, or if the kids are mastering the required material. In our state and district it is a very big deal and the source of much stress.
Last year the pressure was really on so one of my coworkers suggested we give each teacher (& test proctors) a little treat each day of the testing week to encourage them & let them know we were thinking of them. Did I mention that THEIR students' test scores now affect OUR pay?!?! Now if that doesn't get you to praying for your coworkers, I don't know what will!

They loved the treats and were so appreciative that we were thinking of them and had pity on them. This year I "cute-sied" them up with owl clip art and reworded them so that they can be given to teachers and/or students. Get them here for free! 



Now I wonder that since kindergarten will be giving "THE" test next year, who will encourage us with candy?!?

I also finished a 20 page Pirate themed flipchart for ActivBoard to review many of the skills that we learned in kindergarten. It would also be a great review for the beginning of first grade. Check it out at my TPT store!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly

I'm from Australia and we too have National Testing in Years 3, 5, and 9. And yes there is talk of our salary being affected by the performance of children in our class. I teach Year One so I'm not sure how this will be determined. Good luck - love your work.

Jessica said...

Just found your blog! I love the design! I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me...


Kelly Young said...

Hi Jessica! I also joined your adorable blog.

mwenning22 said...

I love your pirate activboard. Do you know if it would work on a smart board?
Marie mwenning@neo.rr.com

Michelle said...

I like the treat idea! Yes, you need all the help when you are giving tests. UGH! We used to have buddy classes (intermediate class with primary class). The primary class would decorate their buddy class' door on testing day, we gave them new sharpened pencils, and snacks for the kids. Another school I was at had a pep rally, the Friday before the test. Each grade level had a different them and the grade level made matching shirts (tye dye, hand prints, etc.). They were really cute!


Miss Trayers said...

That's a neat idea about the treats. We give our testing in December for Kinder-we are just scrambling to try and get the kiddos ready. It makes me sad the way the system is going these days.