Common Core Report Card suggestions please!

Do you hear that? Yes, that is me screaming inside! This time of year is always so busy and I have to live day by day, minute by minute. There is so much to do and the things I WANT to do have to be put on the back burner for a few weeks. To name just a few... kindergarten registration, kindergarten prescreening testing, kindergarten graduation, principal's retirement festivities all weekend long, birthday celebrations, report card committee, moving my son home for college for the summer, awards programs, field trips,  new car shopping, home improvement projects, and now my graduate program is having a May mini session for 3 weeks that includes a ton of independent studying! Now you want to scream too don't you? I'm sure you are all just as overwhelemed as I am but just hold on....I promise, summer isn't too far away! We will make it!

I think the report card committee meeting today is what made my heart skip a few beats. Along with 47 other states, we will be transitioning to the Common Core Curriculum standards and will implement it full force next year. Fortunately we had a year to begin implementing and revising our curriculum as needed but the problem now is the report card. How in the world are you guys getting all of those standards on the report card AND making it parent friendly? After looking at samples of other districts' report cards, I have come to the conclusion that no one has really come up with a good way to communicate to parents what their child needs help with and give a clear picture of how the student is really doing!  Any suggestions? Anyone happy with their new Common Core Standards based report card & want to share?

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Freckleteacher said...

Wow! Your list of things to do is CRAZY! I have some of the same tasks on my list including moving my college son home on a Saturday and sendingoff on an airplane on Sunday for his internship. Of course that is weeks away and I have many more pressing things to do. New kindergartners are coming for screening visits next week! Anyway, your list is even longer than mine! I hope you are able to accomplish all of them with your positve attitude intact!

We are going forward with Common Core after next school year. We will be gearing up for it this coming year and I was just wondering about the report card change myself. I hope you get some answers! I'd love to see some report cards myself and I know our district will be exploring the same. Too much to take in...must focus on present students...lots to do...TpT sale...plan for next year...BEDTIME!!!!

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Hi Kelly,

I am in the same boat as you-begging to see samples of new report cards for next year! I would love to see anything you are sent. I also teach K and will be working with my county this summer to update our report cards and interims! YIKES! Please let me know if you get anything! Thanks and Happy Friday!

Kelly Young said...

I will definately share anything I find ladies! Right now I think everything is so new and no one really knows the best way to test & report these new and very broad curriculum standards. I am sure the next few years will consist of many revisions as we begin to work with them and learn what works and what doesn't. I am not getting too worried about it because we all know that education is always changing and this too shall pass.

Have a wonderful weekend!