Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all have a nice long weekend and will have a change to rest up on your Labor Day holiday! I have been running behind on my many projects so I am looking forward to a day of rest! My Teachers Pay Teachers sales have been very steady since the TPT sponsored Back to School Sale several weekends ago and my followers have really grown! I have already exceeded my goal for this quarter so I made a new goal and to help me get there quickly I am throwing a one day Labor Day sale for 10% off everything in my TPT store! Head on over and check out my store!

I am also excited that I have finally updated my Colors Science Stations! These are my favorite science stations that we do and the kids really love the activities. The kids truly believe they are magic when conducting these experiements! Click on the pictures below to check it out!




TammySF. said...

Congrats on meeting your TpT goal!! It's a great feeling:)

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Dots of Fun!

scholarpon said...

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