I Like Me! Who Am I?

Fall is almost here and my school year has now hit that glorious time when the kids have fallen into a routine and rules and procedures have now become automatic.  I am now beginning to feel like a normal person and no longer collapse from exhaustion after a long day at school! 

We worked on the letter Mm last week and one of the stories I read during my math time was Mouse Count. My kids love this story because I read it once and THEN, I pull out an empty jar, 10 plastic mice and a rubber snake and we retell the story again using the props. Oh how they love this story! It works on counting forward and backwards from 1-10. Halloween decorations are showing up in stores so this is a great time to look for plastic mice to go with this book.

We also talked about "Me" during Mm week and what makes us special. The kids made a picture of themselves using the correct color of eye, hair color & then complete a "Who am I" paper by writing in our eye and hair color and if they are a boy or girl. They will then open up the paper and write their name on the inside. Click on the picture below to grab your FREE patterns!

Have a wonderful weekend!