Pumpkin Roll, Spin, Count, and Color

Do you have a set  of these wonderul clear gameboard spinners? We got a set with our new math series last year and the kids LOVE using them! Did I mention that my kids are so quiet when they are using these on their own?!?
You can bet your bottom dollar that anything that keeps my little darlings quiet while learning is something I just have to make more of! They love dice games and using the clear gameboard spinners but they actually enjoy working alone with them rather than work with a partner. During our farm unit last week, they used the spinners to "spin a farm animal and then graph it" during our farm unit.

Next week is our Pp week and field trip to the Pumpkin Patch so of course it was the perfect invitation to create some of these games using a pumpkin theme. They are FREE so come get yourself a set by clicking on the link or pictures below!





Unknown said...

Love it! I'm featuring this post on Bagels and Blogs tomorrow. :)

Math Coach’s Corner

Kinderaffe said...

Great idea. Love the tens frames. Never heard of a clear gameboard spinner. Where can I get one?

Unknown said...

That will be awesome Donna! I subscribe to your Math Coach's Corner so I get your post emails!

Sara I got a class set of these spinners with our Envision math series last year. I tried to find them for you but evidently they are made for overhead projectors. I found one set online that I will post the link to but I am sure you can find them in most school supply stores. You can also do it the old fashioned way using a pencil in the middle of the circle with a paper clip around it to use as a spinner. http://www.hand2mind.com/catalog/product?deptId=&prodId=9079&q=spinners

Linda Nelson @ Primary Inspiration said...

Hi, Kelly!
What kiddo wouldn't love those clear spinners - GREAT motivator! I featured this wonderful freebie on my blog today as part of "Fistful of Friday Freebies".
Thanks so much for sharing!

Linda Nelson