Counting to 100 for the 100th Day

Its almost time for the 100th Day at my school. The kids are so excited because we have been counting the days since day 1 of school. By now most of the kids are able to count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens. Here is cheap and easy activity that I use to  help students with learning to count to 100 and recognizing their numbers.  

 I copied several 100 charts onto different colors of cardstock and laminated them. Then I cut a couple of them up into puzzle pieces and had the kids put the puzzles back together on top of an uncut 100 chart. As the kids got better at it they had to put them together without using the uncut 100 chart as a guide. 

We started off just cutting them into straight strips by the tens families so the kids would notice the patterns. 

These games are so easy to store... I just put them into a clear sheet protector so the pieces stay together and they fit perfectly in a file cabinet.


lorena said...

LOVE this idea! Came over from Jen's Kinder Kids and am your newest follower. :)

Suzanne Sweeney said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing~

Miss Trayers said...

My kiddos would enjoy this. Thank you for sharing the idea! :)