New Store Freebie!

I finally took the plunge and created a store on Teacher's Notebook! I have been pleased with Teachers Pay Teachers but the quarterly payout seems so far away sometimes and Teacher's Notebook offers immediate payment so we'll see how it goes! I don't have much listed in there but I am working on it even now. 

Come check out & download my free Love to Learn in Kindergarten flipchart for ActivBoard!

Did you know that SMARTboard & other interactive whiteboard users can also use ActivBoard flipcharts. Just download their free software at The link is near the bottom of the page under Why ActivInspire? 

Go download the software & then download this free flipchart. Comment below with your email if you get it to work & I'll send you an additional flipchart for free!


KathyS said...

This flipchart is adorable! I teach PreK and they will love this!

KathyS said...

Oh yes...Thank you!

Laura G said...

I am a special education teacher and love your flip charts! The immediate feedback is fabulous! I have shared your name with many of my coworkers, and they are all fans now, too!