Spring Break Surprise!

Spring Break couldn't get here quick enough for me! The flu and a terrible stomach bug was making it's second round in our school and it has been too cold or rainy for recess so we have been stuck inside with all of the sick germs and the nasty smell of Lysol and Clorox wipes!  I had plans to head to beach but when I found out they were expecting a cold front and it was going to be warmer at home...saving money and staying home won.  With just my luck, we have had snow flurries for the first four days of Spring Break!  Just what I needed to spoil my plans of showing off a pedicure in new flip flops!

On the brighter side, I have been able to catch up with some work for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have officially finished all of the monthly kindergarten and first grade calendars for ActivBoards through May!  I'm sure I will add more to them closer to May but for now I am DONE! My future plans are to add some new activities to the June/July calendar to make it appropriate for kindergarten and first grade and/or Summer School so check back closer to June for the most up to date version.

When we return from Spring Break, we will work on getting ready for taking our very first standardized test...the SAT 10. We will also continue to work on addition and subtraction fact fluency.  Here is a fun game I have used for years that I found in the Mailbox Magazine. 
Flipping for Fluency

Pairs of students are each given a set of number cards 1-9 that are placed face up on a table. The students take turns rolling the 2 dice. They can then decide how they want to use the numbers...they can use the 2 and 4 and turn over the 2 and 4 cards OR the two numbers can be added together and the 6 turned over. (You could also include subtraction facts if you want...4-2= 2 so the 2 card would be flipped over). If no cards can be turned over using the numbers, their turn is over. The winner is the player that gets all of their cards turned over first.

Not sure why the picture is upside down!
This game can be played using any number cards 1-9 but you can click on the picture below to print out these free number word owl cards...have mercy on me... they were my very first free product
 to post on TPT and I lost the original so I haven't been able to update/improve them yet.

I hope you have a very blessed Easter holiday!



Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...
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Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

Thanks Kelly,
I have fluency on the brain and I think this'll help. I appreciate the picture as I'm a visual learner!

Kristy Pruett said...

Hey Kelly,
Found your blog from Tennessee Blogger. We are on spring break right now. I know what your talking about with the sickness inthe school. Our first day on spring break and my son had the flu. REALLY???? After a few days, now I have a real bad sinus infection. I refuse to tell myself that I'm getting the flu too. Stop by and visit us when you get a chance. We are from Tennesse as well and love blogging with people from our state.

Kristy and Misty

Kelly Young said...

You are very welcome Leslie! Please share any ideas you may have for fluency!

Kristy and Misty- Howdy to my fellow TN friends! Headed to visit your blog right now!