The Last of the "not e" leprechauns!

After a very exciting week of having leprechauns loose in the building, I was glad to see them pack up and go home to Ireland!
If you are not familiar with the Naughty Leprechaun book I mentioned in an earlier post, there are 2 leprechaun brothers, one naughty and one nice. The book comes with a large coin that you can flip to see which leprechaun will visit while the children are at home sleeping.

The Naughty Leprechaun visited us first and the kids were beside themselves when they came in to find toilet tissue thrown all over the room, chairs turned over, empty candy wrappers and tiny green footprints all over the tables. He had even turned all of their bear shaped behavior cards to rotten red! Many of them wanted to write him notes letting him know that what he did was not nice and created a mess that others had to clean up.  (Interestingly, I had to talk to my students the day before about doing a better job of leaving our classroom clean at the end of the day so the nightly cleaning crew would not have extra work to do....guess the lesson carried over into a real life situation!)

Here is what a few of them thought of the naughty leprechaun...
"I do not like naughty (not e) leprechaun because he threw toilet paper."

 "He or she put paper on the floor and chairs on the floor."
I LOVE kindergartener's writing and invented spelling!  It shows how much they know and understand about letter/sound relationships (not to mention how crazy the English language is). I had an upper grade teacher come in around this time and said "how in the world did you know what that said?!"  I guess I am fluent in two languages.... English AND kindergarten! I am curious at how many of you could read their sentences without looking at my interpretation.
When the time finally came for a visit from the nice leprechaun, he left small treats and some clues that sent us on a treasure hunt to find a pot of gold.  Here is the pot of gold we found at the end of the treasure hunt...all of my favorites...Reece's cups, Rolos, Hershey treasures, and Hershey's Caramel Kisses.
Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!