Update on Logan

Thank you all for the sweet comments, emails, and messages concerning Logan's accident! Three weeks in and Logan is finally using that anger and depression to work harder so he can get home. The femur, collar bone, and sternum are healing up nicely and the bruises are fading but the bones in his right leg are taking their sweet time trying to decide if they are going to cooperate or not. He is learning to move himself from the bed to the wheelchair and has been able to put some weight on his new "good" stainless steel leg with lots of help from the physical therapists. He will most likely be in the hospital for 6 more weeks until the cast comes off the right leg and then he will head home to begin physical therapy on the "bad" leg. The daily 40 minute drive to and from the hospital, sleeping in a hospital room, and eating fast food is taking its toll on us but when he is home we will not have round the clock care so we are trying to be patient & use the time in the car to pray & praise our God for His blessings. The road still seems sooo long ahead of us but we still consider ourselves blessed as a family in our community is making arrangements to bury their 13 year old daughter that was killed in a car accident this weekend.  I'll take this path I was given!

Here is my boy smiling when we brought our dogs to visit him at the hospital.
My heart is full!

Thank you again for all of the love! ...and Barbara I am watching the mailbox for that book!


cindy said...

Prayers and love coming your way.

Garden Full of Knowledge said...

So nice to see your son smiling. Wishing your son a speedy recovery. I'm saddened about the 13 year old. So so young. May God also ease their pain.
With prayers,

Unknown said...

Sending prayers your way. It is amazing how the Lord works. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all you do!

Barbara said...

Oh, Kelly ... I can feel the gratitude in your words. What a blessing. I'm so sorry that Logan is angry; of course he is. But I admire that you're able to feel with another family whose grief is likely so much greater right now. That's empathy if I've ever seen it.

I hope that book is there by now; be blessed!